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Shared hosting VS Cloud hosting

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  • Shared hosting VS Cloud hosting

    Shared hosting
    What it means is that youíll share all your resources with each other, such as data, CPU time, memory and disk space. If you are lucky (99% you are), you should be fine with that. However, there are some rare cases when someone is using a lot of resources and thus your site speed will go down a bit. If thatís happens, itís usually wise to get in touch with your web hosting support and tell them your problem.

    Cloud hosting
    Now, VPS is very different. This oneís more like owning a condo. So youíre still sharing and playing nice with the others in your place, but youíre responsible for what happens and keeping everything patched up.
    Thereís a lot less sharing because thereís less people, and you have separate allowances each. The CPU time and memory are still shared by everyone, but you also have a chunk of both of those allotted just to you.

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