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Cloud Computing Dependancy

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  • Cloud Computing Dependancy

    I want to know that all the software or services of cloud computing are platform independent or there is any competency to manage it?
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    Cloud computing depends on the web. the foremost basic disadvantage of cloud computing is that you just want web association to access the cloud and this direct tie to the web means this technique is vulnerable to outages and repair interruptions at any time. this might occur within the middle of a task or dealings, which means the action may well be delayed or lost entirely if time sensitive.


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      Cloud computing means that instead of all the computer hardware and software you're using sitting on your desktop, or somewhere inside your company's network, it's provided for you as a service by another company and accessed over the Internet, usually in a completely seamless way. Exactly where the hardware and software is located and how it all works doesn't matter to you, the user—it's just somewhere up in the nebulous "cloud" that the Internet represents. | Rank hijack review | Rank hịjack