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Do you prefer managed or unmanaged servers?

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    I prefer managed, just like Pizza, I am not cooking it, I leave that to the Italians

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      Managed servers will be good one


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        In short if you are a non technical (In server admin field) go with managed server hosting.

        If technical - go with Unmanaged hosting. And save price of management.

        But still few areas remain important like CDN implementation, SSL , server security , prevention from hacking for beginners in technical class.
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          The biggest advantage is that you can virtually set it and forget it.” Once you've decided on the web hosting features you want, you can leave it all up to your web host to control. If there are upgrades that need to be installed, or software you want on your site, the web host will take care of everything. This frees you up to take care of your own business, instead of spending all that time taking care of your site. It simply allows you to do your business better.

          The other major benefit of managed is that your server will be constantly monitored. Downtime

          managed servers also has its own disadvantages. The biggest one of these is the cost. Managed server does cost more than unmanaged servers, as it requires more time and care on the part of the web host. But, consider the cost of employing your own IT team to do the monitoring for you, or the amount of time it would take you to monitor it, and you can see that it's still well worth the cost.

          The other biggest disadvantage is its very nature. When you choose it, you're choosing to give you the maintenance - and therefore, the control - of your server to someone else. While this is the very essence of managed servers and why so many choose it, it can also be one of the biggest disadvantages for people who aren't comfortable giving up that control. When that's the case, choosing unmanaged and either managing it yourself or hiring an IT team, can be better options.
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            Managed hosting is low of head ache and high on budget .

            Unmanaged hosting is some time high on head ache and low on budget.
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              As far as I'm concerned, I'll obviously prefer managed servers over unmanaged ones, there are more than just a few benefits of managed server hosting. They offer a comprehensive range of options ranging from standardized, horizontally scalable systems to more tailored, managed server architectures.
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                I prefer managed . I've have been used it before.
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                  I can say are perfectly suitable for any webmasters demand. Plans are full of useful resources and uptime is high. Prices are competitive. Support is online any time you contact them. 3d technology anand ludhiyana


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                    If I need to select between manged and unmanaged server, I would definitely go for managed server as it offers various benefits and allow you to use the services without feeling headache.
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