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Online SAS forcibly arrest data

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  • Online SAS forcibly arrest data

    I no very do speak English, ask forhelp

    I represent the interests of hostingcompany and especially my clients

    We are a customer in Online SAS since2013 and we have servers

    Today we happened incredible situation,Online SAS company forcibly arrested data of our customers

    They reported cause: "your disputepaypal"

    I'll tell you in detail about mydispute paypal.
    1 week ago I order new server, withRPN support (it is private network), when I got the server, itappears that there is not available RPN on the server, I kindly askedthe Online SAS return the money because I do not get what want.
    They have unfortunately refused to doso, citing the fact that on one page contains one piece ofinformation to another page of another.
    In this connection, I have to defendtheir rights and created a dispute in paypal to return the money.After 12 hours, ALL services on the my account Online SAS SUSPENDED,and ALL servers for hosting company (data backup each other.)

    I did not sleep the whole night :angry:, call with support for Online SAS, then I did not sleep the wholemorning and call with Online SAS administration :wallbash:

    Unfortunately Online SAS renouncementreturn database, files, others files data my customers. They againreported cause: "your dispute paypal"

    However, I have long closed my disputein the paypal.

    I ask for any help and information hereor my e-mail in the here situation

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    I don't know.
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      Very informative post thanks for sharing.


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        That is bad.
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          They againreported cause: "your dispute paypal"
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