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  • Advantages of DHTML

    Building a DHTML application in Visual Basic provides several advantages over other methods of Internet development. DHTML applications give you:

    Dynamic HTML. When you create a DHTML application, you have full access to the richness of , integrated with the power of Visual Basic code and controls. See "Dynamic HTML in Visual Basic" for more information about the Dynamic HTML features you can access.

    Lessened server load. DHTML applications conserve server resources because each request or user action does not have to be routed through the Web server.

    Fewer refreshes, faster responses. When an end user's actions initiate changes to a typical Web page, the browser must refresh the page from the server. In a DHTML application, the browser can process user data, make changes to the page's layout and appearance, and process code all without refreshing the page.

    Dynamic interaction. Visual Basic code on a Web page can directly manipulate any element on the page and create and manage new elements on the fly, allowing for truly dynamic user interfaces.

    Improved state management. Typically, HTML pages are stateless — that is, no information about an HTTP request is maintained after the response is received from the server. Visual Basic DHTML applications allow you to store state between requests, without using the server. Therefore, multiform or multipage applications are possible without requiring server interaction, complex URL-based state, or cookies.

    Offline capability. For a DHTML application, users can browse to and use a DHTML application on their corporate intranet. Later, when disconnected, the same users can still make use of their Web-based application through the browser’s cached storage.

    Code security. When you embed scripts within an HTML page, anyone can access your page, read the script, and make changes to it. Using Visual Basic to develop your DHTML application, your code is compiled, is not part of the HTML page itself, and cannot be tampered with as easily.
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    DHTML is extension of HTML. The most important advantage of DHTML over HTML are,

    1. DHTML uses event handling while HTML not.
    2. One of the key benefits of DHTML for webdesign and customers is that it can merge the use of HTML, JavaScript, XML and CSS
    3. HTML is markup language while DHTML is combination of HTML with CSS or javascript

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      Yeah Sophmore. Thanks for sharing more knowledge with me.
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        Lessened server load? I think you are only talking about the initial load of the page, static HTML pages can do that also, you just need to optimize the page in an excellent way.

        Offline capability. This doesn't go with less server load, if you want an offline capability of your website you need to download all the necessary data that the user needs before he can go offline

        Code security. Even if you compile your code by using Visual Basic, a web page's HTML,CSS, and Javascript codes can still be read if you use the proper tools. There is really no encrypting methods for creating webpages.


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          DHTML is basically a browser feature that provides your browser to be dynamic. You can always use small DHTML features to improve your website utility and make it faster.
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            Advantages of DHTML:
            Fast and Zippy, Plug-ins, don’t need , Great Utility, Code security.
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              DHTML more efficient for the content management purpose. You may wonder what DHTML is to client. The benefits of using the DHTML result in faster and fresher content and visual appeal. For instance, use of the CSS allows the style of website to be changed. Easy to create good internal linking and cross linking, Small file sized, Supported by both major browsers manufacturers, No plug-ins necessary, Doesn’t required java virtual machine(JVM).
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                DHTML loads contents very fast. So users do not have to wait for very long for the content. Various features of the DHTML are supported by all browsers hence; there is no need to download any plug-in in the browser. DHTML supports excellent graphics, dynamic look and fast downloading which helps designers and developers to generate the website easily.


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                  Hi.. dear

                  This is more than the knowledge people have , thanx a lot .
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                    Nice thread started, thanks a lot.
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                      DHTML use most of feature it is already present in browsers so plug in is not require.
                      easy to create good internal linking and cross linking.
                      DHTMl file size are small compare to others.
                      it is suppore Microsoft and Netscape both browsers


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                        1. DHTML uses event handling while HTML not
                        2. DHTML is extension of HTML
                        3. HTML is markup language while DHTML is combination of HTML with css or javascript.


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                          DHTML is more efficient for content management purposes. By using the more dynamic XML to create pages, you will be able to import high volumes of text and other information without spending time coding pages individually. The result of this saves web designers time because there are less files to maintain. XML has a lot of compatibility and can work with other Internet capable devices such as cell phones and PDAs. It is also works well in other formats including PDF, plain text, and multiple Internet browsers. Clients like this type of website because it allows them to make changes to their data without interfering with the coding and design of the website.
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                            DHTML is used for dynamic purpose.
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                              DHTML is not a language but a technology. It stands for Dynamic HTML and it's using HTML, CSS and Javascript together to create web pages that are not static displays only, but the content is actually dynamic in response to what a visitor does on a page.