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How to increase fans for your Facebook page without using Ad?

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  • How to increase fans for your Facebook page without using Ad?

    I really like marketing but I am a coder and I have some ideas to tell with my friends. How can I market and increase fans for my FB page without using Facebook advertising. I tried FB ad but it costs me more and not effective. I need free ways. Thanks for your shares.
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    I think you should build rich content. I recommend you build LOL and useful content what your potential audiences need
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      share your page in groups...
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        Invite many friends or family members to like your page. Or ask your live customers to like page for Special and best services.


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          To increase your likes on Facebook page invite more and more friends and colleges to like your post and also do comment on your post it will increase your Facebook fans on your Facebook page.
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            1. Optimize your Facebook Page Info

            Most of the time, the only thing people see from your company’s Facebook Page is the profile picture, cover image, and short description. Make sure your brand’s images and description are engaging, encapsulate what your company does, and encourages people to like your page.

            Don’t stop there, make sure you fill out as much of your Page Info as you can. Select the categories and subcategories that best describe your company, include your website URL, list your address, phone number, and hours of operation (if applicable). All of this information will help your page appear in Facebook & Google search when people are looking for companies like yours, which can increase your Facebook likes even more! 2. Post engaging content

            It’s important to post engaging, entertaining, and interesting content on your business Page. Facebook constantly updates its Edgerank algorithm, and rewards posts that receive engagement (likes, comments, shares) with increased reach. Facebook will reward your content by letting your engaged users’ friends know on their newsfeed that they’ve engaged with your content.

            Recently Facebook announced that it will update its algorithm to track how long users spend reading posts. Videos are the best type of content to post on Facebook for capturing attention and driving engagement. But make sure the videos are at an optimal length to grab your followers’ attention and keep it long enough to digest the content. 3. Be active

            People are unlikely to like your Facebook page if you don’t post regularly.

            How often should you post? There is no magic number but many best practice guides suggest 3x a week to once a day.

            You can also use your Facebook Page Insights and check out which days (and times of day) your audience is active on Facebook. Click on Insights > Posts > When You Fans are Online to find this information. Post at peak times when your audience is online and experiment with the timing of your posts to gauge when the majority of your followers are engaging with your content.

            4. Promote your Facebook Page, everywhere

            Once you’ve got great content on your company’s Facebook Page, make sure you share your Facebook presence on all evergreen content you own and manage.

            For example, promote your Facebook Page on your website (homepage, plus header or footer), your e-mail signature, marketing e-mail footers, business cards, and all other digital marketing materials.

            Make sure to make it as easy as possible for your audience to get to or like your Facebook Page with one click. More on this below in #6 “Facebook Social Plugins”. 5. Invite your existing community

            You have a community that’s easily within reach: employees, current customers, business & industry partners. They are likely to be your first advocates and find your content interesting and shareable. Why not send a friendly personal invitation to ask them to like your company’s Facebook Page if they haven’t already?

            One way to do this is by simply adding a call-to-action in a personal e-mail (i.e. “P.S. Like us on Facebook“). Add a slide at the end of your presentations or webinars to encourage customers and business partners to remind them to like your Facebook Page, if they haven’t already.

            For internal advocates, work with HR to make sure that your company’s Facebook page (and other social channels) are promoted in the new employee orientation and in any internal communications (e-mails, intranet pages, etc).

            In addition, Facebook offers a Suggest Pages tool. When logged into Business Manager, click on Use Page > … (the ellipses button at the bottom right of your cover image) > Suggest Page. Connect an e-mail service or upload a .csv of e-mail contacts to send them an invitation to like your Page.

            Make sure you upload or connect to an owned list of contacts that you or your company have an existing relationship with (and not a paid ‘lead’ list). The suggestion message can come off as spam to people who don’t know you personally and leave a bad first impression.

            As for your industry ‘buddies,’ find their Facebook Pages and Like them as your brand. To do this log into in Business Manager > click the Use Page button > click the Use Facebook As Your Page link (top right, in a skinny grey bar). It’s a great way to Like your industry partners, colleagues, & other influencer brands. Plus you’ll be able to view your News Feed as your brand and keep watch on what’s happening in your industry on Facebook.
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              Create Awesome Content
              Embed Your Posts
              Encourage Likes & Shares
              Give Reasons To Comment

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                To increase fans and likes on your facebook page, you can like the pages which is related to your category means in which your dealing or you are promoting. Post unique content for the post on daily basis which will increase your post engagement. Share your post on timeline too and on other search engines as a referral traffic.
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                  Start by identifying the content that engages max number of people. And schedule more of it.
                  Then follow and unfollow the followers of famous industry experts.
                  Produce fresh content and ask influencers by tagging them so that their followers see you.
                  Take up online contests.

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                    Here are some techniques you can go about :

                    1- Invite maximum people to like your page.
                    2- Share your Facebook link at its maximum to other groups and forums in a useful manner.
                    3- Arrange marketing contest on your page to boost it more.
                    4- Upload relevant and useful content and information to your page.
                    5- Post at-least one post in a day to be active.
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                      Your Facebook page requires a good, engaging content that can help you tell people what the Facebook page is about and why should they join the community. Try to post your page link in other relevant groups. Invite people to like your page. Boost up your page with good quality content. Also stay active on the page to ensure your consistent availability on the platform. To create helpful and engaging content, try out contentmart. It is a platform that will help you find the best content writers who can help you promote your page with their high-quality content. The content is one of the important sections you have to take care of in order to increase your Facebook page fans.


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                        Promote your facebook as much as you can post good attractive post which attracts people.
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                          post a special content, focus on posting video,
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                            Good content with an attractive fanpage. Make sure people stay on your site longer. I think teamwork is a good idea
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                              your article must be quality posts, you can use SEO?
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