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How to increase Alexa Rank & Domain authority ?

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  • How to increase Alexa Rank & Domain authority ?

    Hello friends, Can you tell me How to increase Alexa rank & Domain authority for my Website?
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    Domain authority is the prediction about how likely the website is going to rank in google's search result.A good domain authority score can be achieved by a good Alexa ranking.
    To achieve good alexa ranking:
    1.Use relevant keywords.
    2.Keep updating the the content on the website regularly.
    3.Update the blogs with useful content overtime so that people may often visit to your website for reference or they may even bookmark it for future references.
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      best techniques to improve domain authority is listed below

      1.Deep linking
      2.Link diversity
      3.Quality content
      4.Go social
      5.Let it age
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        If you want to increase domain authority, you need to keep the following points in mind.
        1. Earn links from more sites:
        2. Start marketing your content:
        3. Not only diversification, but you also need a clean link profile:
        4. Build a well-planned internal link structure:
        5. Write epic content and nothing less than that:
        6. Off page SEO:
        7. Social media optimization:
        8. Increase user friendliness of your site:
        9. Have patience, let your domain grow:

        Alexa measures the traffic on your website and provides a numerical rank to your domain. The rank helps to denote the popularity of your domain in search engines. The Alexa rank can be improved by the good content update and also by building backlinks from other relevant web pages.
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          For Alex ranking : You need to increase your website traffic, Alexa depends on your website traffic, If your website traffic increase your alexa rank will improve for sure

          For DA : Improving domain authority take some time, you need to build reputed baclinks for your website, make brand and do interlinking, reduce bounce rate. All these things are okay then your website's domain authority will improve day by day.

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