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How important is it to have .com domains?

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    In my humble opinion, I think that search engines are becoming more important to geolocation. I have found that at least in Spain the .es domain work better even than the. .com domain. Unless you are an international company, best to choose a particular country domain.
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      These is an default top level domain for most people on internet but it is not play any role in the search engine ranking factors
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        I see that lots of hosting server companies offer discounts on non-".com" domains, do you think it's absolutely important to have it or is there
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          Over 1.17 Billion people use Google GOOGL +3.77% search, so optimizing your domain for Google's search engine is crucial if you want to be found. Google rewards companies that build brands, and brands are usually built on .coms. With only 11% of the web visible, small businesses with a proper brand strategy are the ones that pull ahead of the pack.

          Google tweaks their search algorithm multiple times per week, on average, to ensure that they always list the most relevant content for any search query. Using a .com is the most authoritative way of guaranteeing your site will be found, along with providing other useful content around your brand.

          One of the primary reasons behind the advantageous visibility of the .com TLD in relation to others is the fact that it's been the default domain since 1985. Given its rich history, it's the most memorable, and the most recognized by the general public. Because it's established, the extension also has a distinct reputation, so search engines tend to trust them more.

          Companies are realizing that .com TLDs have value beyond search rankings; since they are coveted more than any other TLD, they have intrinsic value as an appreciating asset. If your company is ever acquired, your .com has value on the books. Premium domain .coms are one or two word domain names that can demand a $10,000 price tag or more. The most expensive domain name ever sold was $35.6 million (
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            There must be a reason why .com is more expensive than other. Can anyone give me a reason?
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