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How to increase your page rank?

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  • How to increase your page rank?

    How to increase your page rank?
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    follow these suggestions, and watch your site rise the positions to the highest point of web index comes about.

    1.Distribute Relevant Content. Quality substance is the main driver of your web crawler rankings and there is not a viable replacement for awesome substance. ...
    2.update Your Content Regularly. ...
    3.Using Metadata. ...
    4.Have a link commendable site. ...
    5.Utilize alt labels.
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      write many good content and build lots of quality backlinks
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        First make sure your Onpage SEO is good and quality content
        Then build quality backlink by many ways such as blog coment, guest post...
        Hope this help!
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          Page rank is no more important today as Google has stopped updating their page rank algorithm.
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            Some of the Important thing you can do For Page-rank
            1.Using Meta-Title
            2.Using Meta-description
            3 Quality content
            4 Link building
            5 Social Media activity


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              To increase your page rank,
              1.Assess your current search ranking
              2.Track the right metrics
              3.Diagnose and analyze penalties
              4.Do keyword research
              5.Go after your keywords with great content
              6.Build links the right way
              and there may still lot of way ,its based on the google research and analyse of algorithm.

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                Thanks for the suggestion. Let me follow them
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                  Page Rank is calculated by various algorithms made by search engines, in simple words, Page Rank is calculated upon the number of links on your site; these links Include:
                  1. Backlinks.
                  2. Inbound links.
                  3. Internal links.
                  4. External links.
                  5. No-Follow links.
                  6. Do-Follow links.
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                    Write really good content on your blog (make sure its url is, not A blog with useful content will earn backlinks, traffic (social signal), and good index by google. Thus, your Pagerank will increase
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                      I personally make a 0-pagerank website to top 1 google of various range of keywords just by social signal and good content
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                        I think first you should do on page seo then off page like you build back link, directory submission, forum posting, social network site...
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                          Well, a friend of mine just started a new blog a few months ago and he is asking me to help him, because so far he is nowhere to be found in Google.

                          He had bought some social links from somebody on Fiverr, which I told him never to do again and slapped him on the wrist...
                          They are slowly disappearing now, so no real harm done.

                          So far, what did he do right:
                          • did buy an expired domain from an auction so the site has some DA/PA (9/22) which could be better, but he it is a start.
                          • is busy writing quality content
                          • keeps eye on his on page SEO
                          • needs to improve his internal linking
                          • has a:
                          • - facebook page
                          • - twitter account
                          • - google+ page
                          • - youtube channel
                          • - pinterest page
                          • - tumblr page
                          • and distributes his content on those channels after posting (using IFTTT)
                          • He also answers questions on Quora
                          So he is busy, but no results so far.

                          Here is the strategy I came up with for him:

                          Buy PBN Links
                          I know it is 2017 and a lot of people ditch PBN's, but I'm not doing anything myself, I buy them.
                          I don't buy them from Fiverr or any forum.
                          My source is, I am not affiliated with them or anything, but I have never had any issues with penalties or what have you.
                          Find somebody with excellent ratings

                          Buy Social signals
                          same as above, check

                          Once that is done, at least you have an audience to share your content with, now we can start with the second phase.
                          Because what are you going to do with an increased page rank?

                          Build an email list
                          I'm convinced that the money is still in the e-mail list, so the next think is start building his e-mail list.
                          He already has a free PDF to give away and a pop-up for visitors.

                          Build a funnel
                          We came up with the plan of building a funnel that will lead people to a free webinar.
                          This webinar is simply an explanation in his niche.
                          At the end he will just offer his customers to buy an ebook for half price.
                          Main goal of this funnel again is to collect email addresses for his list.

                          The next step is marketing the S out of the funnel on the platform mentioned before.

                          Once the email list is build, we can start thinking on more products we can offer to the customers on that email list.

                          The ideas are there already, but first things first.

                          Hopes this helps,
                          good luck.

                          Currently helping a friend out building his website, for people who care about there health.


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                            Add more contents and backlinks


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                              Focus on your content. The most important factor for your page rank is the content on your site.
                              Update your website regularly with new content. Websites that stagnate and do not stay current will drop in the ranks.
                              Ensure that your content matches your site description and keywords.