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  • AffiliateCube / Private CPA network

    AffiliateCube is a powerful CPA platform that exists from far away 2005. Since that time we’ve gained
    reputation of reliable partner and undergone many changes, constantly improving our service.

    Why AffiliateCube?

    1. Top Offers with highests payouts.

    We provide hundreds top-niche offers with highest payouts on the market and constantly add new offers.
    To make sure, please, view the list here. You'll definitely find the offer that suits your traffic!

    2. Advanced real-time statistics.

    Each click and action are being tracked and added into a database immediately to provide accurate data.
    Statistics supports up to 16 parameters of groupings to provide the most accurate analytical view of your
    traffic. Full information on each click tracked: time, IP-address, country, web-browser, referrer and more.

    3. Efficient Tools.

    ANALYTICS REPORT performs the changes of highlights such as Turnover, Clicks, EPC, Ratio in time
    periods for you to respond immediately to any critical alterations.

    CAMPAIGN REDIRECT distinguishes the most effective offers by rotating them at a certain stream of
    traffic, distributes traffic according to the features of traffic (browser, device, platform, carrier, type of
    connection and geo), automatically excludes from the rotation unprofitable offers.

    POSTBACK URL - get instant notifications about conversions made from our server into your tracking
    system automatically.

    4. Flexible payment terms.

    We pay our partners without delays into PayPal, Paxum, Wbemoney, EPESE each two weeks.

    5. Friendly expert support.

    Each client is treated with customized approach - once you sign up, a dedicated personal manager will
    do his best to make your work easier with timely and expert assistance.

    Join AffiliateCube and experience all the advantages of our platform!

    Registration by invite only - contact support to get the code.
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    AffiliateCube / Private CPA Networks / We offer HIGHEST payouts!

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    AffiliateCube knows latest trends - and our new offers are a proof!

    Everyone knows Apple and the "most wanted" phone ever iPhone. Each new model becomes a device
    desired by millions. Company warms up such interest by releasing modifications of popular smartphone.
    Now it is iPhone 7 in exclusive RED colour. Just a colour, will you say... But wait, it is Special Edition!
    Citizens of Sweden, Norway and Finland are the lucky ones to win RED iPhone 7 - they are to register
    (need to pay 5 KR / €1 for trial membership) and wait for cherished iPhone! Webmasters are paid $35.00
    per each sign up with CC submit.

    Are you working with Skin Care/Health&Beauty niche? Then we definitely have what you need! Revitol -
    an anti aging moisturizing cream.
    This all-in-one solution makes fine lines and wrinkles vanish without
    botox and surgery! The offer accepts worldwide traffic (with rare exceptions) and pays $36.00 per each
    purchase of the product.

    Participate and get profit!
    AffiliateCube / Private CPA Networks / We offer HIGHEST payouts!


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      Thanks for the information.
      Party Plates,Eco-friendly Dinnerware,Biodegradable Tableware,Natural Tableware


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        Greetings, dear webmasters!

        AffiliateCube has next great offer for worldwide traffic!

        Everyone is familiar to a situation that computer starts working slowly with continuous use. It happenes
        bacause of numerous useless files and programms stored by system. From now you can speed up your
        PC in just 2 clicks with Purifier - simple yet powerful app for keeping your PC clean, organized, and
        free of files that slow it down. Perfect for MacOS, Windows and Android. Users are offered to sign up
        for free trial to try this amazing app (though CC is required for conversion). Webmaster will get $11.00
        for each registration.

        You know reading is really usefull for brains) Files Fetcher is an innovative service for searching and
        downloading any e-book.
        Once signed up user will experience high download speed without annoying ads.
        1-week free trial lets users estimate all the advantages of the service at no cost. Offer accepts all countries
        of the world with rare exceptions. It pays amazing $14.00 per each sign up to free trial!

        Spend time with benefit - peek in AffiliateCube!
        AffiliateCube / Private CPA Networks / We offer HIGHEST payouts!


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          Greetings, dear webmasters!

          AffiliateCube prepared the most actual offers for you.

          Main Apple competitor Samsung either please its fans and constantly improve flagman Galaxy. Now meet
          Galaxy S8 - total perfection! It costs an arm and a leg, but you can always get it for free by participating
          in sweepstakes! We offer these sweepstakes in following countries: Spain, France, Germany, Australia,
          Italy, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Poland, New Zealand, South Africa, Taiwan. We strongly recommend you
          to unite all sweeps (including one for US we've introduced earlier) with Campaign Redirect. The price for
          lead varies per geo and it's up to $4.00 (Norway)!

          When home appliances and systems breaks down, it's always a sudden and high-cost nuisance. For the repair
          cost not hitted hard a wallet, we offer Choice Home Warranty - a service covering the repair or replacement
          of such breakdowns. Once purchased a contract, you don't have to worry - just call 24/7 hotline, and a licensed
          technician will serve your claim same day! Offer is for USA only and it pays $20.00 for each contract purchased.

          AffiliateCube - no risks, just profit!
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          AffiliateCube / Private CPA Networks / We offer HIGHEST payouts!


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            Hi everyone!

            Today AffiliateCube has fresh freebie & binary option offers for you!

            Sweets bring satisfaction, and if they are free - it is twice a pleasure! Meet hot new Samples&Savings offer -
            free Oreo sweets! By the way, Samples&Savings offers users lots of bonuses - freebies, samples, coupons
            and discounts. All user need is to sign up. Webmaster gets $2.5 payout per each registration from USA.

            All women are pretty, but there is no woman who doesn't want to become more pretty. The simpliest way to
            do that is to use cosmetics. For example, cosmetics of Urban Decay brand. Women can get it absolutely for
            free if they sign up with Samples&Savings service. The offer pays $2.5 per each sign up from USA.

            Binary Tilt is a trading platform that lets to kick-start trading career in minutes - no experience needed, full
            training provided. User creates an account and makes deposit (minimal $250) and that's it - starts trading.
            BinaryTilt have all the popular assets available - stocks, forex, commodities, indices. Payout is really high
            - $400.00 per each trader you reffer! And the accepted geo is really wide: Europe (Germany, Netherlands,
            Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Czech Republic, Great Britain),
            Asia (Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore), GCC countries (Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia,
            United Arab Emirates), Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

            Go ahead and start earning with AffiliateCube!
            AffiliateCube / Private CPA Networks / We offer HIGHEST payouts!


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              AffiliateCube always have great offers to monetize your traffic)

              All your actions in Internet and information you leave may be tracked and used against you by hackers. We
              recommend using VPN service SpyOFF that will hide your real online identity and IP address. Service offers
              15 days free trial. Afterwards user may cancel or continue with the most suitable pricing plan. Payout $10.00
              per each signup from any country of the world. Various landing pages designed for torrent, adult, streaming
              available in German (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and English (rest of the world).

              Technologies move ahead and today you won't be amazed even with printed food. Pay your attention to home
              3D printing system Skriware. It's pure, simple, elegant design fits right at home. You may print lots of useful
              and interesting things, like phone holders, decor vase or Dart Weider helmet))) Use ready-to-print models from
              Skimarket or create your own. Offer pays $0.5 - $1.3 per email submit (depending on geo) from the following
              countries: USA, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, France, Finland, Norway, Italy, Sweden, Poland,
              Australia, Japan. Limited offer - 50 leads per each geo monthly!

              Make profit with AffiliateCube!
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              AffiliateCube / Private CPA Networks / We offer HIGHEST payouts!


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                All the drivers will definitely like today's new offer from AffiliateCube! HUDWAY Glass is a head-up display that
                is compitable with any smartphone and HUD app. Driver may see navigation, route, time, wheater, speed limits
                and much more right behind his eyes. Compitable apps may be found in app stores by keyword "HUD". Glass
                transparency allows for a clear road view. The image is clear any time of the day or night. The cost to user is
                $49.95. Offer pays $15.00 per each sale and accepts USA only.

                And we keep please webmasters with sweeps and freebies traffic. OMG Sweeps is a free sweepstake where
                users have chance to instantly win a cash prize of $50,000. Any eligible person can enter once daily for their
                opportunity to win big money, at no cost. Only a short form and a little bit of luck stand in the way of chance to
                match the 8 assigned winning numbers. Offer is for USA and pays $2.00 per email registration.

                Make big profit with AffiliateCube!
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                AffiliateCube / Private CPA Networks / We offer HIGHEST payouts!


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                  Hi everyone!

         is happy to announce two new offers.

                  The American Career Guide provides a directory of personalized job listings for people on the hunt for a job.
                  Users who sign up are given access to listings with employers who are looking to hire in their area and field.
                  Portal also provides a tool to easily upload resumes so employers can reach out to them. Offer is for USA
                  only and pays $1.60 per email submit.

                  The second offer is Health&Beauty niche - an all natural skin tag remover DermaBellix. Supplement removes
                  skin tags in just hours and helps to save thousands on expensive medical treatment. Hurry up to apply for the
                  offer, as it pays $42.00 either per sale or trial! USA traffic only accepted.

                  Sign up with and promote our top offers!
                  AffiliateCube / Private CPA Networks / We offer HIGHEST payouts!


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                    An interior decorator is a professional you should hire when you want to improve your office or living area. These professionals can help you to redo the entire interior without costing you a fortune.

                    Interior Designer | Interior Decorating