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    I started my marketing career at a B2C brand that enjoyed very good social media exposure and results. we were able to reach very specific customer types in precise locations and exact timingÖ But, that was B2C and when i started my B2B affairs i thought iíll spend 95% of my time in front of Linkedin and maybe experiment every once in a while on other platformsÖ

    When my Facebook campaigns began acquiring triple the leads as LinkedIn i understood an important lesson from a potential customerís view - when youíre on social media, youíre ON social media, and everyone is on social media. it doesnít matter if youíre a marketer, a blogger, a prospect or a 23 year old student.

    once I understood everyone were there, itís just a matter of finding the right people at the right channels. People tend to follow the major players and influencers of their main interests, allowing you to construct a pretty good target audience profile and get feedback to what works before spending your first centÖ

    Also, social media letís you mix visuals, content and links in a way that showcases your brandís stronger sides in a very efficient and monitorable manner.
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      I agree with this post.


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