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  • Someone please help!!!

    I bought a supposedly new cyber power PC and everything ran fine the first two days. Then it started rebooting on its own and giving unexpected_kernelmode_trap bsod's. So I did the command prompt to search/repair c:drive. It worked fine again for two days. So I tried to boot up in safe mode w/ networking to try and fix and when I chose that option it restarted and nothing. Now it says no signal when I connect it to monitor through HDMI and VGA . is there anything I can do or should I take it in for repair?
    -AMDfx 4300 x4 processor
    -nvidia geforce 720
    1TB HDD
    8GB RAM
    4GB for graphics
    Windows 10 64 bit
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    You must take pictures of your error
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      Instead of asking for help here, just go to the shop from where you bought that or you have to go service center of company.
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        1. Please check your power supply which is installed on your CPU.
        2. Check your processor, if there is overheat, you have to change your processor cooling fan as soon as you can.


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          Yeah.. Luker is right just go to the shop from where you bought that System.
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            may be its RAM problem in my openion.
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