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Advantages Of Home Based Online Businesses??

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  • Advantages Of Home Based Online Businesses??

    Hello To All

    1. Very small start-up costs: You can save on the real estate mortgage/lease and staff in addition to huge marketing costs unlike the offline home based businesses.
    2. Very quick set-up and start: As soon as you get your website launched, you can have your home based business started. No long waiting periods, spending large amounts of money or getting loans.
    3. Greater reach online: Your home based business website announces to the world your services/products and penetrates your markets.
    4. No or low expenses: Apart from web hosting monthly payment, there is hardly any additional expense to buy or sell online. Your customers see, check, compare your/competitors’ products & order and pay online.
    5. Be your own boss and keep what you earn: As an owner of home based online business you choose what to sell and when to work. Take a day off when you want to.
    6. No commuting: No commuting at all, if you have a home based business. Save on gas, time and have more family time. There are also tax deductions available if you have a home based business.
    7. One business multiplies as many: This is something you can’t do with an offline business. Suppose your online home based business is selling greeting cards.

    Have a nice day
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    Home based Business always gives comforts and advantages to a person whether its online business or offline business. Nice points there. SEO Services India


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      As corporate downsizing continues to make news and the Internet makes telecommuting ever more productive, more and more entrepreneurs are discovering the benefits of running businesses out of their homes. If you are looking to get out of the rat race, to spend more time with family and friends, and to live a more balanced life, a home-based business may be the right decision for you.
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        Home based business is best for them who don't want to under seniors
        And who want to manage everything in business rather than just working for others.
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          It's a great way to start a new business at home without having to pay rent for office or shop space.
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            Well, you both also have good points in respect of advantage of home based online business.
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              Some more Advantages of Home Based Online Business..!!

              Very small start-up costs
              Very quick set-up and start
              No or low expenses
              Be your own boss and keep what you earn
              No commuting
              One business multiplies as many
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                Very quick set-up and start
                Very True, when you have your own business (home based online business), then it is quick start set-up and start.
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                  Nice information thanks for that.


                  and i don't think home based business are for quick setup and start! in fact thy take a lot of effort and time to be started related to any job.
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                    Well as per me the home based is less productive as well as takes more efforts than the offline buisness.Plus there are many factors that affect the buisness.
                    Well but if once get a good grip then heaven is with you.
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                      Really awesome and thanks for sharing really very nice and amazing information here.
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                        Hello Friends

                        * Can be very cheap start up costs (domain $8, hosting $10) when compared to other business such as owning a shop, for example a pizza takeaway has to buy ovens, ingredients etc..
                        * You can run your business from anywhere
                        * Low overheads (hosting and maybe staff costs)
                        * The internet is still a open market, lots of opportunities for new business models exist.

                        * Low barriers to entry which means that it is easy for someone to set up a website and compete with you
                        * Business models can easily be copied, look at youtube and how many copys of their site exist.
                        * Can take a bit of time to train yourself, for example if you were to start a sandwich shop you can pretty much start making sandwiches without much trouble whereas to make a website you need a bit of knowledge and skill

                        Thanks for reading
                        Have a nice day
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                          Disadvantages: Distractions and inability to separate work life from home life. I worked from home for 8 years and am a lot more productive now that we have a separate office.
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                            The first thing you must do, however, is some basic market research. Find out for yourself, first-hand, just how many people there are in your area who are interested in your proposed product or service, and would be "willing to stand in line and pay money for it." This is known as defining your market and pinpointing your customers. If after checking around, talking about your idea with a whole lot of people over a period of one to three months, you get the idea that these people would be paying customers, your next effort should be directed toward the "detailing" of your business plan. The more precise and detailed your plan - covering all the bases relating to how you'll do everything that needs to be done - the easier it's going to be for you to attain success. Such a plan should show your start-up investment needs, your advertising plan, your production costs and procedures, your sales program, and how your time will be allocated. Too often, enthusiastic and ambitious entrepreneurs jump in on an extra income project and suddenly find that the costs are beyond their abilities, and the time requirements more than they can meet. It pays to lay it all out on paper before you get involved, and the clearer you can "see" everything before you start, the better your chances for success.

                            Have a nice day
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                              You will be freed from thinking of the hassle that if your staff will resign immediately, there will be no one to man your place. Furthermore, you need not to worry about paying overhead costs that you usually do if engaged in a business with a physical space. As a beginner, you can look for a domain at a cheap cost and you can also avail of the free domain and hosting valid for one year.

                              People from all over the world are lured to use the internet for various reasons, may it be for research, finding a match or simply because they want to purchase something. It has become a trend for most consumers these days because surfing the internet is very easy and convenient. Think of the accessibility of this phenomenal innovation. You can sell your products and services both in the local and international markets which means that you can boost the potentials of your business.

                              You can reach out to any part of the world with your products to be seen without having to spend additional expenses when you sell locally. With online business, you can aquire new customers and invite boundless opportunities at a relatively low cost.

                              In the internet business
                              , you can increase your profits in no time because you get the advantage of offering your products twenty four hours a day seven days a week. Online shoppers can order or make inquiries anytime, anywhere at their convenience without having to deal with any additional costs on your part. Your customers can enjoy their physical comfort by paying you through several internet banking tools.